Vision & Mission:

Being one of the leading export companies working in the field of herbs related production and export of natural production of Nepal, we tend to promote the market of the high quality and hygienic natural products all over the world. Our motto is to provide quality and hygienic herbal products on an oar with the international standards. A certain percentage of our profit goes for social service and welfare in Nepal. Our main objective is to

• Encourage, promote and use sustainable natural products all over the world.
• Assure high quality of natural products, which are ecologically sound.
• Biodegradable, non toxic and sustainable.

The mission of the company is to endorse the consumption of natural and herbal products to the demands of the external consumers and worldwide.

The vision of the company is to create a natural herbal products launch or introduce to the world market via more and more use of herbal and natural products.

Natural products are a fast-growing industry worldwide. There are many suppliers with varying qualities of product. If you are looking for the highest quality organic goods available, look no further than Himalayan Pure land Products TM.