Soap Nuts Extract Powder:

This is highly eco friendly and user friendly economic, high end skin care and effective product, easy to use bath powder for all age groups without any kind chemicals, metals, preservatives, artificial surfactants or artificial colors. Helpful in cases of all types of skin disease and keeps skin clean and glowing naturally. As it is a highly hydroscopic material it is packed at a very low Room Humidity (RH) Level.

Soap Nuts Powder Specifications:
Ingredients: -100% pure soap nut powders.
Variety used: - Sapindus Mukorossi
Form: -In powder form.
Color: -light brown color

Shelf life: In normal room temperature 1 year from the date of packing. Always store it in an air tight container away from moisture when not in use.

How to use: Take the required quantity and mix with water to make a smooth paste. Rub on body/face/hair like any other soap. Keeps the body/hair/face totally 100% clean, fresh and skin glowing.
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