Johann Wolfgang rightly said ‘’Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.” Most of us don’t know that fruits help us clean our laundry or some might know and might not have applied. For this reason, we are here to help you out clean your laundry. For us, your problem is our problem and your happiness is our motto.

Who doesn’t like to clean laundry naturally in an environmental friendly way with fruits?

Yes, then you are a right person to visit us. Soap nuts are fruits of tree found particularly in Himalaya range like Nepal. These fruits are harvested, de-seeded, dried under the sun and that dried fruit make your laundry very clean. There are no chemical synthetics, chemicals, toxins or artificial perfumes we add to natural fruit and there is no any surprising chemical processing to get finished product.

You use your clothes in your body and your body lies in bed. , if your soaps have chemical substances, just think, what effect it might have on your body? Now-a-days, there are lots of different allergies and other kind of skin diseases due to such chemical products which looks good but in long run, has terrible side effect to human body. This natural laundry detergent leaves laundry amazingly clean, fresh, and soft, plus provides a plethora of other truly green household cleaning uses. So taking healthy business and pleasant customers as our motto, our company has been in the industry since long period of time..

Thanking you truly for thinking of your health and considering the environment.